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Somerton Couple Caught with 10 Lbs. of Meth at AZ Border

by August 21, 2013

A couple out of Somerton, Arizona, 20-year-old Briayan Efrain B. Ramirez-Garcia and 22-year-old Melissa Lopez Delgado, were selected for additional inspection by Border Patrol officers while attempting to cross back into the United States at the port of entry just south of Yuma. Soon into their pat-downs, officers detected large Read more »

Phoenix Suns’ Michael Beasley Arrested for Marijuana Possession in Scottsdale

by August 14, 2013

Forward for the Phoenix Suns, Michael Beasley was pulled over by Scottsdale PD in early August for a traffic violation. According to the report, as the officer was walking to the car, he could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. After searching the car, the officer Read more »

List of 48 Approved Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Released

by August 7, 2013

Arizona’s first medical marijuana dispensary, Arizona Organix of Glendale, opened last November. A few months prior, 98 hopeful dispensaries were selected for designated geographical locations throughout the state in a lottery last August. Just recently, a list of 48 approved medical marijuana dispensaries has been released; the list shows businesses Read more »

Arizona Reporter Claims “Young & Healthy” People are Getting Medical Marijuana Cards

by August 2, 2013

A reporter for CBS 5 in Arizona, Morgan Loew, recently went into a doctor’s office to complain of back pain that he had been experiencing for months, all in his attempts to prove that “young and healthy” people are being prescribed medical marijuana cards. Severe & Chronic Pain Acting undercover, Read more »

Marijuana Helps Lower Risk of Bladder Cancer & Diabetes

by July 31, 2013

Recent scientific studies have suggested that frequent marijuana use may reduce the risk of contracting diabetes and bladder cancer. Although marijuana has previously been linked to memory impairment and testicular cancer, new findings show that its effects may have far more benefits than dangers. Decreasing the Risk of Diabetes It Read more »


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