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Arizona’s drug laws are detailed in the Chapter 13 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. A conviction for a drug-related arrest may result in prison, fines, and other extreme consequences. The following drug activities are illegal in Phoenix and throughout the state:

  • Possession – it is illegal to possess or use a controlled substance or drug
  • Possession with intent – refers to possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Distribution – it is illegal to distribute drugs to others
  • Manufacturing – manufacturing any illegal drug has severe consequences
  • Cultivation – refers to marijuana cultivation
  • Trafficking – trafficking is illegal, refers to distribution, importing drugs into or out of the state
  • Prescription fraud – obtaining or distributing prescription drugs
  • Marijuana charges – possession, cultivation, distribution are illegal
  • Cocaine charges – both powder and crack cocaine are illegal
  • Methamphetamine – illegal to produce, use or sell methamphetamine
  • Heroin – the most addictive of all drugs – illegal to use, possess, distribute

Drug charges may vary considerably. If you were arrested for a drug-related offense, or if you believe you are under suspicion for a drug offense, it is advisable to immediately contact your Phoenix drug crime attorney. Discuss your case only with your attorney. Attorney Jeremy Geigle is an aggressive, knowledgeable and experienced Phoenix drug crime attorney who represents clients in the Phoenix area.

What to do if You are Arrested for a Drug Offense:

If you were arrested for a drug arrest, do not speak to anyone other than your attorney about the offense. Authorities often try to “shake out” information from nervous and scared defendants. It is true that anything that you say may be used against you in an effort to prove your guilt. Pay attention to what is asked; the safest response is to ask for a lawyer. Usually that will stop the questioning. Do your best to remember the details of the case and the circumstances of the arrest so that you can discuss this with your attorney. Attorney Jeremy Geigle, a Phoenix criminal defense drug crime lawyer, represents clients who have been arrested for drug  and other offenses. It is his goal to preserve your innocence and your freedom. He will seek a dismissal of your case if at all possible.

A Free Consultation With Phoenix Drug Offense Attorney Jeremy Geigle:

Attorney Geigle offers a complimentary case evaluation to those who have been charged with drug offenses. At this meeting you will be able to ask questions about your case. Jeremy has successfully represented many clients who have been arrested for drug offenses. He will always seek the best outcome possible – as well as a minimum of disturbance in your life. Jeremy’s goal is to help you get past this so that you can proceed in your life. He may seek a dismissal, a reduction in charges or a plea agreement; other options include drug court and other diversionary programs. Attorney Geigle offers financing to his clients in an effort to make superior representation available to all. For a free case evaluation, contact Attorney Jeremy Geigle at Jackson White Attorneys at Law. Phone 480-818-9943.

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