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Arizona enacted  drug laws in 1996 that allows court supervised probation and drug treatment, rather than imprisonment, for personal possession and use of certain controlled substances. Known as Proposition 200, this law applies to those who have been convicted of possession of some, but not all drugs. If you or someone you are trying to help was convicted for possession of a controlled substance, you are advised to obtain the legal services of an experienced and qualified Phoenix drug possession attorney. These laws are complicated and they require a trained legal eye and great attention to detail. Phoenix drug lawyer Jeremy Geigle, an attorney with Jackson White, represents clients who were arrested for drug possession and use.

What is Possession of Drugs?

A person does not have to have a drug on his person to be charged with possession. Legally speaking, a person has possession of the drug if he has control over it. For example, the drug can be in the proximity of the person:

  • Home
  • Car
  • Office
  • Pockets
  • Storage space
  • Attic
  • Basement

If the defendant has a key to a room with drugs inside, it may be argued that it was under his control and that he had possession. If you were charged with drug possession, your attorney will look at the facts of the case to carefully examine the issue of possession. Attorney Geigle is intimately familiar with the various interpretations of “possession” as well as the legal defenses that may be used.

Qualifying for Probation and Drug Treatment – Instead of Incarceration:

Defendants who are excluded from the alternative program of drug treatment and probation include:

  • Those with a violent criminal history
  • Those who were convicted of more than simple possession and personal use: sale, production, manufacturing or transportation for sale
  • Those who have been previously arrested on two or more occasions for personal possession or use
  • Those who were previously convicted for driving under the influence of drugs
  • Those with any methamphetamine charges
  • Those with two prior felony convictions

Every case is determined according to its specific circumstances. Your Phoenix drug lawyer will examine the details of your particular criminal background, if any, as well as the circumstances of your case in order to craft the most effective legal strategy possible. Whenever possible,  Attorney Geigle will first seek a dismissal; a dismissal may result from a lack of evidence, tainted evidence, authority’s failure to comply with specific arrest procedures, or other reason. Indeed, the great majority of cases are resolved without going to trial. This, of course, means less stress and the ability to continue on in your life as soon and as normally as possible.

Free Consultation with a Phoenix Drug Possession Lawyer; Financing Available:

Attorney Jeremy Geigle, of Jackson White Attorneys at Law, is an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense attorney who has successfully represented clients charged in a wide variety of offenses.  In an effort to make high quality criminal defense representation available to virtually everyone, Jeremy offers financing and payments to those of all incomes. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Jeremy has a wealth of pretrial and courtroom experience. He understands that you are going through an extremely difficult and challenging time in your life. Attorney Geigle will stand by you every step of the way – it is his job to make sure that you obtain the absolute best outcome possible. Attorney Jeremy Geigle, of Jackson White Attorneys at Law offers a free consultation where you can ask questions and discuss your case. Call Attorney Jeremy Geigle at 480-818-9943 to schedule your appointment.

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