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In Arizona, drug laws are strict. Arizona Revised Statute 13-3408 specifies that it is illegal to be involved in any of the following activities with a controlled substance:

A person shall not knowingly:

  • Possess or use a narcotic drug
  • Possess a narcotic drug for sale
  • Possess equipment or chemicals, or both, for the purpose of manufacturing a narcotic drug
  • Manufacture a narcotic drug
  • Administer a narcotic drug to another person
  • Obtain or procure the administration of a narcotic drug by fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or subterfuge
  • Transport or offer to transport into the state for sale, import into the state

Penalties for violating the Statute range from a class 2 felony to a class 4 felony and in some cases a class 5 felony:

  • If the amount of narcotics equals or exceeds the statutory threshold amount, the sentence may not be probated, pardoned
  • Fines may be a minimum of $2,000 or three times the value of the drugs, whichever is greater
  • A probationer must perform not less than 360 community service hours

Arizona’s Drug Threshold Amounts:

Depending on the quantity of drugs that are found, and the circumstances involved, a person can be charged with intent to sell drugs – even if the evidence is all circumstantial.

  • Possession of a dangerous drug is a Class 5 felony –
  • Prison sentence of 1 ½ years may be imposed
  • Possession of a narcotic for sale is a Class 2 felony –
  • Prison sentence of up to 5 years may be imposed

The term “threshold limits” applies to the amount of the drug which is required for a possession with intent to sell or distribute charge to be incurred. In other words, when the following quantities of drugs are found, it is enough to be charged:

  • Heroin: 1 gram
  • PCP – 4 gram
  • Methamphetamine – 9 grams
  • Crack cocaine: 750 mg

Speak Only To Your Attorney:

If you were arrested for possession with intent to sell or distribute drugs in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, it is essential to obtain the skilled legal services of an experienced and accomplished criminal defense attorney. Speak only to your attorney. Do not offer any information to anyone; your freedom and your future may be at stake. There are specific procedures that must be followed during and after an arrest. You do have the right to remain silent. You may often hear in television shows that “…Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law…” This is actually true. You have specific constitutional protections, however, and you may not be forced to incriminate yourself.

Obtain a Free Case Consultation with Phoenix Possession with Intent to Sell Attorney Jeremy Geigle:

An arrest does not necessarily mean that you are guilty, although the arrest may likely become central to the case. Attorney Jeremy Geigle has handled countless Phoenix possession and possession with intent to sell drug cases. Some cases are dismissed immediately; others are dismissed as the case progresses. In other cases, the defendant will be offered probation and drug counseling. Each case is based upon the facts involved. Attorney Geigle offers quality legal representation at affordable prices; payments may be available to those who qualify. Attorney Geigle will stand by your side and fight for your freedom and for the best possible outcome. First-time offenders often complete the court ordered program, resulting in dismissal of all charges. Attorney Geigle can help you. For a free consultation to discuss your case, call Attorney Jeremy Geigle at Jackson White Attorneys at law at 480-818-9943.

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