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Arizona law classifies methamphetamine – commonly called meth – as a dangerous drug; a conviction will result in harsher penalties than non-dangerous drugs. Arizona Revised Statute 13-3407 contains the specific details pertaining to meth:

13-3407: Possession, use, administration, acquisition, sale, manufacture or transportation of dangerous drug; classification:

A. A person shall not knowingly:

  1. Possess or use a dangerous drug.
  2. Possess a dangerous drug for sale.
  3. Possess equipment or chemicals …for manufacturing a dangerous drug.
  4. Manufacture a dangerous drug.
  5. Administer a dangerous drug to another.
  6. Obtain or procure the administration … by fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or subterfuge.
  7. Transport for sale, import into this state or offer to transport for sale or import into this state, sell, transfer or offer to sell or transfer a dangerous drug.

If you were charged with a meth law violation, it is essential to obtain legal counsel immediately in order to preserve your rights. Attorney Jeremy Geigle represents clients who were arrested for meth law violations.

Extreme Penalties for Violating Arizona’s Meth Laws:

Arizona treats meth law violations harshly. A conviction for meth possession is a class 4 felony; however, the charge cannot be reduced to a misdemeanor, nor is probation available for first time offenders. The offense is treated as a felony.

  • First time offenders:
  • Prison:
  • 5 years: minimum
  • 10 years: presumptive
  • 15 years: maximum
  • Second or subsequent offenses:
  • Prison:
  • 10 years: minimum
  • 15 years: presumptive
  • 20 years: maximum
  • Not available:
  • Suspended sentence
  • Probation
  • Pardon
  • Early release – time must be served on a day to day calendar basis; no gain time
  • Fines:
  • $1000 minimum, or
  • 3 times the value of seized drugs

In order to attain the best results possible, you will want to be represented by an experienced Arizona methamphetamine criminal defense attorney. Attorney Jeremy Geigle is a highly qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney. He is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his proactive client representation. He represents both adult and juvenile clients in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa and Tempe.

Defending Against Meth Accusations:

Attorney Geigle understands that your freedom is at risk. He will fight for that freedom every step of the way. Your case will be meticulously analyzed for procedural and substantive errors. For example, the following will be reviewed:

  • Was the arrest valid
  • Was the search and seizure valid
  • Was there probable cause
  • Were you given your Miranda rights
  • Was the evidence properly collected
  • Was the evidence tainted while in storage
  • Were any of your rights compromised
  • Are there any contradictions in the arrest report

These are some of the more obvious issues that will be analyzed. Procedural and substantive errors often serve the defendant well; if evidence and information can be suppressed, the case may be dismissed. If errors do not exist, it is still possible to seek a dismissal, a reduction in charges or a satisfactory plea agreement. Diversionary programs may be available if the charge is reduced. Attorney Geigle will fight for your freedom every step of the way.

Complimentary Case Evaluation with Phoenix Meth Lawyer Jeremy Geigle:

Attorney Geigle offers a free case evaluation with clients who have been accused of violating meth laws. In this one-on-one meeting, you will be able to ask Attorney Geigle questions related to your case. Ultimately, you will have a much better idea of the charges against you and the court procedures to follow. Payment plans are available to those who qualify; ask Attorney Geigle about this. To schedule your free consultation, call Attorney Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White Attorneys at Law at 480-818-9943.

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