Phoenix Valley Chef Arrested for Marijuana Possession in Scottsdale

by on October 9, 2013

On May 20, Eddie Matney, chef and owner of Scottsdale restaurant, Eddie’s House, was taken into police custody after officers found marijuana in his vehicle following a traffic stop.

Reportedly, police pulled Matney over for a “partially obscured license plate” and, upon further investigation, found that he was driving with a suspended registration and license. As they were waiting for a tow truck, officers allegedly found a small amount of marijuana with some fishing equipment in Matney’s vehicle. Matney was subsequently arrested on charges of driving on a suspended license and drug possession.

Marijuana Possession in Arizona

Unlike in many other states, possession of marijuana is a felony in Arizona, no matter the amount. If the amount found equals less than 2 pounds, and there is no evidence of intended sale, it will likely be charged as a class 6 felony in AZ, and a maximum 1 year prison sentence may be imposed.

Ask for a search warrant!

In the case of Chef Matney from above, it is unknown whether or not he allowed officers to search his car or if police obtained a search warrant prior to doing so.  Either way, officers cannot search a vehicle or a residence without consent of the owner or without first obtaining a warrant. You can invoke your rights by simply telling an officer that you do not consent to a search, at which point they may seek a warrant.

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